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"This product works! Think of it as Superman in bed. This pill works in a few minutes and last up to 72 hours allowing me to preform in bed better than I've ever experienced for three nights in a row! All I needed was a little stimulation to get started. Perfect for any man who wants to impress his significant other."

                                                                           - Kevin, 35, New York 

"WOW! This pill does exactly what's advertised. No BS! The real deal fellas."

                                                                           - Mike, 21, Florida 

"My wife and I experienced an unforgettable night. We haven't been this happy for a couple of years...This pill brought back some magic in the bedroom, thank you."

                                                                          - Samson, 57, Michigan 

"I was a previous customer of Patriot Missile (one of the best male enhancement pills I've ever taken!) but lately I've been looking for something better. A pill that measures up to the hype advertised and allows me to take things to the next level in the bedroom. The other brands out there DO NOT compare. Solaris works! No gimmicks, and No side effects."

                                                                             - Gary, 39, Florida 

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